Palau Bunaken

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but here in N. Sulawesi, I rarely get access to Internet. I am on Plaua Bunaken right now, which is absolutely fantastic–not for partying but for underwater activities. I have done 3 dives so far and can honestly say I have seen more fish and coral in just one dive than I have seen in my entire life. The diving In Bunaken takes place mostly along the drop offs that surround the Island. At some places along the wall, the water depth drops from 3 meters to over 1000 meters. My last dive at Lekuin 1 just blew my mind. In a span of 1 hr, I ran into 10 sea turtles (I even got to pet one turtle that was over 2 meters long), dozens of nudibranchs, a pygmy sea horse, giant clams, filefish, a rare scorpionfish, giant moray eel, and a banded sea snake. I wish I had an underwater camera…anyone care to donate one?

I love indonesia: good food, exotic girls, unbelievable diving, and extremely cheap to travel too. However, knowing English doesn’t get you very far.

Below: Typical view while snorkeling infront of my bungalow. Just clouds of fish. Taken with my camera in a heavy-duty zip loc baggy….



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