Monkeys Birds Etc

Spent a night at Batibuti (can’t spell). Saw the tarsiers at night and the rest in the early morning. Sorry they’re in random order.


Celebes black macaque: critically endangered species endemic to the Sulawesi region. Saw dozens of them in the jungle. Apparently, one macaque in Sulawesi has learned to take selfies with a camera…

ImageHornbill: magnificent bird. You can here the swoosh swoosh sounds of their wings when they fly. This male hornbill is feeding its chicks in its nest.

ImageJust chilling.

ImageYum, grasshopper.

ImageLooking for something.

Imagenom nom nom.


I have dozens of more photos. If anyone wants to see, just let me know. Photos from Lembeh are coming. Posting from my phone…


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