Lembeh part 1.

Ok, I landed in Papua fashionably late–as you can expect in Indonesia. I’m headed to Raja Ampat first thing in the morning.They advertise Raja Ampat as the Last Paradise on Earth and many have told me that Raja is possibly the number one scuba diving destination on the planet. However, I see it up there as one of the priciest destinations according to Indonesian standards. I’m crossing my fingers because I’ve generally been very lucky in hitching free rides, getting invited to stay at local homes, and finding free meals and travel buddies. If things don’t work out, I always have my jungle hammock to camp out in, but I’m running low on insect repellant and sunscreen, which the locals don’t seem to need. Also, anybody know if there is an ATM somewhere on Raja Ampat? I don’t really like carrying millions of rupiahs on me..

As promised before, I have pictures from Lembeh. Expect uploading them over time as it takes forever. I haven’t found free Wifi in weeks.




It’s walking!


Fish looks so fake.


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