Lembeh Part ii & Papua Travels

Alright. I landed in Manokwari, Papua this morning after a rough night sleeping on a sheet of plastic in the hallway of a gigantic Pelni cargo ship packed with boxes and Indonesian passengers who only knew two English phrases: I don’t know & I love you. And obviously, a rooster aboard the ship woke me up at 4:30am–a full hour and half before sunrise. Having a dozen strangers stare and giggle at me while I tried to go back sleep gave me the creeps. Well, that’s for being a foreigner not able to afford an airline ticket to travel in Papua.

I’ve also concluded usable internet is non-existant in Papua. Accessing anything on my iPhone takes many minutes to load and drains out the battery extremely fast. Thus, I can’t load all my Lembeh photos today. I’m very sorry it’s taking so long.

Well, here’s Lembeh Part II:

Fancy fancy, but I also ran into an ornate pipefish, which I think is more exquisite, when I didn’t take my camera underwater.

Froggy #2

Small but deadly blue-ringed octopus. I rang into two mimic octopuses as well, but once again, I didn’t have my camera…

The smallest and best for last: the pygmy seahorse!! It’s about the size of your middle finger’s finger nail. The total tally of pygmy seahorses I’ve sea has come to three. One each in Bunaken, Lembeh, and Raja Ampat.

I’m guessing there will be two more installments of Lembeh Photos before I get my best ones published. On another note, I think my camera has been pressure damaged, exposed to too much humidity, and overheated under the sun too many times. Thus, it refuses to do anything 70% of the time.


Final words:

Shout out to my water polo team, the Phillips Exeter Boy’s Varsity Water Polo Team, for being ranked the #1 team in New England once again. Bring home the hardware in the Championships this weekend. KMD


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