Gone birding, but here’s Lembeh Part iii

By the time gets published, I should be somewhere in the Arfak Mountains in pursuit of the magnificent birds of paradise and bower birds endemic to this region of Papua. In retrospect, I wish I paid a little more attention in Animal Behavior class during my Senior Spring of high school (only 6 months ago!) so I could recall more than just how much money I can make by poaching these birds for their spectacular feathers–jokes, I can’t even remember that. Hopefully this trip makes up for my failure to find the fabled Wilson’s Bird endemic to Raja Ampat, which is perhaps the #1 bird on my list to see in Asia. In fact, I’m considering to return to Raja Ampat to find this bird–someone want to help me out? I haven’t watched this video because I can’t load it, but it looks good.

Don’t get too excited about the bird because I have many more pics of fishiesss to upload before I get to birds. Here’s to Lembeh:

Playing hide & seek?

It’s actually a fish (scorpionfish?)–it’s got eyes, fins, body etc…

Might be one of the most toxic and ugliest fish in the world: the estuary stonefish.


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