Following my trip out to Wayag, I headed out to Pulau Mansuar Kecil (still in northern region of Raja Ampat). Though Mansuar could not compare to the scenery around Wayag, the small island was quite a beautiful place with  gorgeous beaches and sunsets as well as a small jungle inland filled with paradise kingfishers and other evasive creatures. Unless I was with my new friends, I practically had the entire ocean, jungle, and beach to myself.

Raja Ampat—October 25, 2012—200

(I was staying where the smoke was coming out of the jungle in this picture)

I found myself settling on Mansuar for three weeks, although, I would have preferred to stay in Raja even longer if I did not break my fishing rod there or if I did not have to meet my father in Bali. Life would have been unreal if I had brought along a kayak because there are so many places in Raja that haven’t been explored yet, but only accessible by a kayak or small boat–which is godly expensive to charter in Papua.

Raja Ampat—October 28, 2012—229

Check out that storm coming through Palau Mansuar. This photo was taken when I was out fishing for GTs (giant trevally). And this sunset photo below and on my blog header was also taken here on Mansuar.



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