The Batman is Dead

Flying foxes, the world’s largest bats, can be sighted fairly easily around Raja Ampat if you venture around the right locations. Soaring in the sky with wingspans of 1.5 meters (5ft), they looked like eagles or crows in the daytime, but their unbearably loud screeching was an easy giveaway. Raja Ampat—October 30, 2012—255Unfortunately, I brought the wrong lens for my camera when I ran into them on an isolated island in Raja so I had to quietly stalk them, moving at a painful pace of a feet or two every couple seconds. A broken stick would send the entire flock of bats into the sky from the hangout spots on tree branches. Raja Ampat—October 30, 2012—243After creeping up on a group of bats for an hour, I came within 4 or 5 meters of them to get a few unspectacular photos. The best view I got of them was actually on my way back to the beach, when I came across a dead one which I assumed had fallen out of a tree and had its wings punctured and broken.

Raja Ampat—October 30, 2012—251


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