We’ve all seen things glow in the dark before and in general, aren’t those things kind of cool? During one of my last nights in the Arfak Mts., I set up camp by a small stream, thinking I could bathe for the the first time in a week. I settled down early, knowing that the jungle gets dark very early because of the dense jungle canopy. As usual in the Arfaks, which supposedly renowned by insect lovers, I saw glow beetles and fireflies putting on their daily dance at dusk. Unfortunately, the largest rain storm I’ve ever seen swept through shortly after, overflowing the stream, causing the trails to be a slippery mess, and silencing the crickets, cicadas, and the dance of the fireflies. An unbelievably amount of bugs took shelter from the rain under my tarp shelter which was enough to drive me nuts at times. As I kept warm by the fire, I noticed a bunch of dots glowing in the dark, which I assumed to be a glow beetle resting on a leaf or something. But hours went by and those supposed glow beetles didn’t move an inch for some odd reason. I gave up on sleep and threw on my rain jacket and trekked out to the source of mysterious glow by a bamboo thicket. The deeper I wandered off the trail the more and more things began to glow. It honestly resembled the jungle at night in the James Cameroon’s movie, Avatar. Entire bamboo thickets and tree branches were lite by these glow mushrooms:

November 15, 2012—Arfak Mts.—9

Check out that bug attracted to the glow of the middle mushroom:November 15, 2012—Arfak Mts.—10When the morning came, everything disappeared–the rain, mushrooms and trail. Soon enough, I figured out that the only road leading out of the Arfaks was also gone, swept away by a mudslide overnight.


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