Searching far and wide, I may have stumbled across the most ideal weather of my life:

With 12 hrs of daylight, a constant breeze, humidity of 70%, UV index reaching 9 out of 16, and of course the perfect temperature, it just doesn’t get better than the beautiful Puerto Galera here in the Philippines. I’ll be staying here for another week at least.

PS. Some may argue that 84 F (28.9 C) is too hot, but they’re wrong. You will not sweat at this temperature if you are just chilling; yet if you do begin to do something active, you will sweat just a tiny bit and feel that you accomplished a lot more than usual before returning to your lazing state. Thus, the perfect temperature to feel good while doing close to nothing.

Note: This post is out of chronological order with the ones before. I’m just very late on reporting on my travels in Indonesia…Hopefully this doesn’t cause anyone to think that I magically went from Papua to the Philippines.


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