It’s always exciting to stroll into a remote Papuan village. Everyone stares down a muddy, smelly foreigner like they’re looking at an alien even though they’re so friendly. They’re really not that great at posing for photos, as they’ve never been taught to smile and say ‘cheese’ since this was the first photo most of these kids have been in:

November 14, 2012—Arfak Mts.—202

When I got into this particular village, the village head offered me some delicious passionfruit and ushered me to a sweet shower. The trails were particularly slippery during rainy season so I was thrilled to wash off all the mud and dirt that accumulated over the past few days.

November 14, 2012—Arfak Mts.—201

Running water maybe one of the greatest comforts taken for granted. But, the amount of excitement I had for a shower didn’t compare to the amazement the locals found when they saw a plane flying over the mountains, which I’ve been told is a very rare sight. Everyone came out of their huts and stared screaming in joy when they heard the faint roar of the propeller engines–like Zuckoff’s Lost in Shangri-la 67 years later.


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