The Wild West

December 11, 2011—Java—36Though the sunrise from the east was colorful, the sight of the dark barren landscape to the west held most of my attention. Wearing all the layers I owned plus a beenie I picked up earlier for 50 cents, I walked down the hill towards the three volcanoes that seemed to have sprouted out of a black Sahara.

December 11, 2011—Java—60Mt. Semeru in the background exploded every half hour, and Mt. Bromo steamed in the middle while the volcano in the foreground remained dormant.

December 10, 2012—Java—9I climbed up the super steep slopes of this dormant volcano which no one seemed to know the name of. Beside it was the famous Gunung Bromo:

December 11, 2011—Java—120It took a hour to reach the top of the nameless volcano, but only 10 minutes to eat dirt sliding and running down its slopes.

The walk around crater rim of the steaming Mt. Bromo felt a little scary at first, but excitement took control of the nerves.

December 11, 2011—Java—104Having the entire volcano to just you and your friends and having no one, no fences to stop you from doing anything stupid is one of the things I’ve grown to love about Indonesia.

December 11, 2011—Java—116


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