Many of you can guess that I’m not a huge fan of temples and stuff, but historic stuff can be interesting.

Borobudur from the 9th century was kind of famous so I visited. It was definitely bigger than anything I’ve seen before.

December 15, 2011—Java—306

It was abandoned for nearly 1000 years before it was rediscovered in thick jungle growth during the 19th century under the British rule. Imagine running into this thing in the jungle. Shangri la moment right there.

December 15, 2011—Java—232

December 15, 2011—Java—225

December 15, 2011—Java—247

December 15, 2011—Java—289

December 15, 2011—Java—290 Buddhist stuff.

December 15, 2011—Java—281There were a lot of visitors here, though 99% were Indonesians who took more pictures of my friend and me than the actual temple…Seems like they’ve seen less foreigners than images of their country’s iconic temple.


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