Hey I’m Jan. My friends used to call me Canned Yams on my youth soccer team and I just took that pseudonym to name my blog. Currently, I’m taking a gap year to explore the remote areas of Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Indonesia (Sulawesi, Papua, Flores, Alor, etc), Borneo (Indonesia, Malaysia, & Brunei), and the Philippines, before heading back home to enjoy the summer and go to college.

I have already traveled around the northern coast of Thailand in September, toured N. Sulawesi for the first 2.5 weeks in October and lived in Raja Ampat (!!!) for three weeks and in the Arfak Mts. in Papua for more than a week. From there, I flew south to Bali to meet my father for a few days, wasted some time in Lombok, and trekked around Java for a total of three months in Indonesia. I am currently cruising around the Philippines. I plan to be in the Philippines in February & March, Borneo in April, and finally work my way from Sumatra to Alor in May and June. However, plans change rather fast on the road.

Missing my bus buddy, so if anyone wants to join me, just let me know.

Shoot me an email: cannedyamss@gmail.com


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